Lift Your Hands to the Sky - New Single

New Single out now. I wanted to release something while I continue to work on an album. Listen on your preferred music service:


Lift Your Hands to the Sky.

Demo Album

Go listen to my demo album on SoundCloud or my website. 11 tracks, not released anywhere yet. What I'd like is feedback.


It's a lot of work making music. Coming up with ideas, writing, recording, producing, mixing, changing, fixing, mastering…

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First Review!

First review of my song is up on Jango. Go check it out:

You Drive Me Crazy

You Drive Me Crazy. Out Now. I will share details about the song soon.

Release Date - You Drive Me Crazy

You Drive Me Crazy will be released on June 14th! Very excited. This time around I worked with a pro to mix and master the track, so the sound quality will be light years better. I also changed up the…

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Song Previews

Since I'm doing this all myself, and it takes awhile, I've decided to post previews of upcoming tracks prior to release. Feel free to comment, that will help me know which ones I should finish up next.


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Floating Head

I don't know why, but I always thought this would be cool, so here it is. My floating head.


No Looking Back - Music Video

I used Rotor to make the music video for No Looking Back. It's a story that many know, running from a bad relationship. It's easy to lose hope. Don't.


No Looking Back

Tunecore has helped me make a dream come true, releasing music globally. Here goes nothin'...


Listen wherever music is streamed:



First Single!

At long last our first single will drop on April 5, 2022. No Looking Back is a song about leaving the past behind no matter how the future may look. Find it on all the major streaming platforms.